Once a system is installed it will need maintenance. APS are happy to discuss any preventative
measures that can be undertaken to ensure minimal downtime.

APS also offer an option of remote maintenance. This involves installing a remote access module into
the original build. These modules offer a secure route into the machine from anywhere else in the world that has internet access. These modules can either be connected directly to the internet via LAN cable or via an accessible WIFI network. Alternatively, the module can communicate over 3G or 4G
depending upon the rate of data required. These modules can be programmed to send text messages or
emails if a machine fault is detected. In a recent example a customer reported that a vertical conveyor
had stopped working. APS went online and reported that the system thought the silo that it was
supplying product to was full. The customer went to check on the sensor which was sensing some
product that had built up near the sensor even though the rest of the silo was empty. The customer
cleaned the sensor area and production was quickly resumed.



The customer chooses what level of support is required. It is always good practise for the end user to
take some responsibility for the ownership of the system. Either at the quoting stage or when
commissioning is nearly finished APS can offer full training on the system installed. This will be
heavily focussed on what should be done in the event of failure in the line. This training is often
diagnostic based and could be focussed on how to use the information on the diagnostics screen to
determine any fault.

APS are available for site visits if required should the maintenance system not be sufficient to enable
the customer to diagnose further issues that may be occurring. In practise this is a relatively rare
occasion if the correct maintenance procedures are adopted.


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