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From the safety function to the product: Our products with safety engineering.

An essential aspect of a safe machine is its “Functional Safety”. This means having a safety function, e.g. the machine switching off when a safety door is opened, that is always implemented or ensuring that an error is uncovered in the implementation of a safety function before it causes any injury to people.

The complexity and failure risk increases with each additional component in a machine. Deep integration of “Functional Safety” into the products and engineering tools will provide the necessary safety. The safety functions thus correspond to one element of the uniform standards.However, they are more convincing if they have application-specific functions that considerably reduce the engineering expenditure and provide additional benefits, such as reducing the need for large buffer zones in storage and retrieval units.

Inverter Servo inverter Controls
i550 8400 8400 motec 8400 protec i700 9400 c250-S
Safe stop and brake functions STO Safe torque off
SS1 Safe stop 1
SS2 Safe stop 2
SOS Safe operational stop
Safe basic motion functions SLS Safely limited speed
SS1 Safe stop 1
SS2 Safe stop 2
SLP Safely limited position
Safe extended motion functions SCA Safe cams
SSM Safe speed monitoring
SDI Safe motion direction
SLI Safely limited increment
Additional safety functions SSE Emergency stop
OMS Operating mode selector switch with enable switch (ES)
SMS Safe maximum speed
Safe monitor
SCAS Cascading of the STO safety function
PDSS Position-dependent safely limited speed
PLC open TC 5 functions
Safe communication Safety bus PROFIsafe
Safety bus FSoE
Safe transmission of current position and speed data
Connection of safety sensors
Operation with safety PLC
● Safety function integrated
○ Activation/deactivation of the safety function

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