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Safety of the machinery is a major consideration of any company who manufactures machinery. In the past it has at best been considered an expensive necessity and at worst been given superficial consideration due to the perceived complexities of the regulations.

Manufacturers of safety equipment will always lag behind legislation in the sense that new development and research costs have to be paid for by the end user. As the market matures these costs come down and there are now many examples of safety components that save the user many thousands of pounds. A good example of this is in large warehouses where there is an automated store and retrieve system. At the end of the storage line there used to be a series of large buffers to prevent the movable system from smashing into a structure such as a wall. By adopting a Safe limiting position system then the buffers are no longer required and the space that was used for the buffers can be added to the storage for as long as the warehouse is in operation. This is multiplied by how many levels of storage there are and then doubled (one for each end). It is easy to see that by using the appropriate position feedback and monitoring hardware where the savings lie.

As control and automation system designers and builders Automation Products and Systems Ltd are able to help machine builders fulfil their mandatory safety requirements from an electrical point of view. It should be borne in mind that the machine builder will always be ultimately responsible for the safety of their machine (barring a couple of exceptions) but Automation Products and Systems Ltd can help contribute to the required technical manual with elements such as electrical fault exclusion statements.

With all this in mind Automation Products and Systems Ltd are happy to enter into meaningful discussions with any machine builder who feel they would benefit from our experience in this field. As a starting point it may be worth putting down some of the information that Automation Products and Systems Ltd feel would be worth knowing as a starting point.

Introduction of Single European Market
Types of EN Standards
EN ISO 12100
Characteristics of The Safety Module
EC Declaration of Conformity CE Mark
Action of Machine Builder
EN ISO 13849
DC Diagnostic Coverage
Conformity Assessment Procedures
Basic Principles of Hazard Analysis
Overview of Safety Functions
Performance Level


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