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Machine programming according to industrial standards

EASY Professional contains all the functions you need to plan and implement complex tasks for complete automation of the machine you are designing.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Stay flexible: By programming logic & motion in accordance with IEC 61131-3 based on CODESYS V3
  • Save engineering time: by using ready-made solutions for kinematics and technology functions (FAST) when creating the program.
  • Transparency is everything: During commissioning, you have all the important information your need at a glance while the integrated visualisation system ensures easy portrayal of the process.
  • You keep the degree of complexity under control: By creating your own programs and using certified function blocks in accordance with PLCopen

This licence not only makes it possible to use all the functions of EASY Advanced but also enables you:

  • Planning phase:
    • to size the drives for your own motors
  • Implementation phase:
    • to graphically configure inverters with the FB Editor for the particular tasks of your machine
    • to program inverters or controllers for the tasks of your machine (logic and motion)
    • to set up complex processes (e.g. electronic cams or coordinated movements)
    • to parameterise safety functions
    • to create your own motors for reuse

You can find the functions needed for this in the following tools:

  • Drive Solution Designer
  • PLC Designer
  • Engineer
  • EASY Starter

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