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Everything you need in the planning phase and for operating your machine.

Looking for an easy and speedy way to start your engineering process? You have come to the right place! With our EASY Essentials, you can find, size and configure the right products quickly, easily and precisely. Useful engineering data, e.g. CAD data, M-n characteristics etc., are provided for your use.

This gives you the assurance you need to create a suitable drive solution. Irrespective of whether you want to roughly calculate aspects of an application at the beginning of the engineering process or size your machine precisely. With the help of our engineering tools, you can successfully master basic tasks in the planning phase without having any profound knowledge of drives and other products. Parameters of the drives can be set and diagnostics is also possible.

With our intuitive, self-explanatory tools, you can achieve your goals faster the easy way – thus saving valuable time in the engineering process.

Without a licence for which a fee has to be paid:

  • Planning phase:
    • Catalogue function: Finding products, choosing options and requesting a quotation
    • Basic sizing: finding the right products for the application
    • Exact sizing: optimum design of the drive train for the application
    • Carry out an energy efficiency analysis for the application with the entire drive train
    • Use engineering data (CAD, EPLAN macros, M-n characteristics and much more) of the Lenze products
  • Implementation phase:
    • Parameterise inverter or controller in interactive mode
    • Use extensive application templates
  • Operating phase:
    • Obtain a speedy diagnosis (incl. trend record)
    • Update the application or the firmware

You can find the functions needed for this in the following tools:

  • EASY Product Finder
  • Drive Solution Designer
  • EASY Starter

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