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Build & Assemble

Naturally once a system is designed it needs to be built. APS conform to all the relevant European
standards. We train our engineers to build systems in an exact way. Two identical panels built by two
different engineers will look identical. This gives customers assurance on the consistency of supply.
Testing is also an important stage of the build. This is done by at least one person who has not built
the panel. This provides another level of fault detection in the final build.

APS will build panels to the customers design if this is required. This allows the customer to
concentrate on the core principles of the machine in question. The panel becomes a commodity that
the customer need not worry about. The panel will be delivered on time every time.

Not all of our services are at the high end of the engineering scale. Some of our customers require
simple cabling looms being made up with a specified connector wired to it. Others require the supply
of a drive, for example, pre-programmed. APS have supplied tens of thousands of such assemblies
with 100% customer satisfaction.


Once a customer has approached us with a particular build or assembly requirement the design
process is assessed. If engineering drawings are already assembled APS will produce a sample of the
required product for assessment by the customer. Once this has been approved APS will invest in this
process by designing and building any test equipment that is deemed necessary to assist in the quality
of supply. This is very rarely a high cost process and will usually involve some sort of switching
assembly with signal lights to confirm the functionality of the build.


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